Add extra seating to your home for more comfort

Add extra seating to your home for more comfort

We all feel the need of more seating space when guests come over, or when we need to drag the chairs from one room to another. We, at Suhaus, bring you some simple ways to add extra seating to your home for more comfort and a fresh appeal:

 Low height seating in bedroom

People often think that there is no need for extra seating in the bedroom. But having some extra space to sit in the bedroom can not only make the room look plush, it also saves your bed from the extra torture. Choose a low height seating, preferably frameless seating, to furnish a corner of your room. You can add 2-3 cushions and a small side table to create a corner perfect for reading, conversations and much more.

Lounge chairs for extra living area seating

If you have a lot of visitors and friends coming over all the time, you know how important living area can be. With just a sofa set, it becomes difficult to accommodate large number of guests. This is why lounge chairs are becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only are these very comfortable, they also add a plush factor to your home. Choose a design that complements the décor of your living room. You can also include ottomans to provide extra comfort and serve as an extra seat when you have a party.

Tufted chairs or bean bags for kids’ room

Kids love to play around. This sometimes means that they fall and hit the furniture in the room. This is why people are nowadays choosing soft cover furniture for kids’ rooms. You can introduce a bean bag in your kid’s room to have an extra seating for them to play. If you have more than one kid in the house, you can even add some tufted chairs with covered frames. Choose a corner of the room and turn it into a seating space for reading, watching television or games and story time by adding multiple chairs and bean bags.

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