Home décor ideas for 2018

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Have been thinking about redecorating your house for a long time? With the New Year almost upon us, give your home a trendy makeover with these amazing easy to incorporate home décor ideas and welcome 2018 in style:

Photo walls for a warmer appeal

2017 was all about the subtle wall tones and warm shades. Light coloured walls with minimal accessories give the room a warm appeal, but they lack the personal touch. This is why, in 2018, we believe photo walls will be highly popular. All you have to do is cover one wall in your room, or a portion of it with photos of your loved ones, beautifully hanging in frames of various sizes, designs and colours. Photo walls not only look very beautiful, but also make you smile with warmth.

Lamps and mirrors to create magic

Interior experts have been suggesting use of mirrors to give a faux spacious appeal to any room. But that is not the only reason to use mirrors or glass artefacts. Combined with designer lamps, mirrors can easily elevate the appeal of your living area or bedroom. You can use chandeliers or standing lamps or go for wall mount lamps and mirror décor on opposite walls to create a beautiful setting.

Ottomans to make seating elegant

While the sofa sets retain their supremacy in elegant seating, ottomans have been taking the second spot because of their versatility and royal appeal. These go well with almost any kind of furniture, and can be kept or removed as per the requirements. You can easily find a variety of ottomans for your living room, bedroom, work or study area, and even children’s rooms. A set of two ottomans and a small coffee table can also become wonderful balcony furniture to enjoy your evening tea.


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