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Buying a sofa set for the living room is a huge investment. From the size to the shape and the color and material, you would have checked out all the features of the living room sofa before buying it. If you shift houses, then the sofa set definitely gets to travel with you. When guests come home, you invite them to sit on the sofa. Family and friends will surely love to lounge on this furniture piece as they watch television or simply talk to others. So, if you actually see, it is the sofa that is most prone to damage due to continuous use. Plus, if you have children or pets, then the sofa will surely be their most favorite battlefield. Here are some tips to help you care and maintain your sofa set.

Clean Spills Immediately

You can remove the worst of stains and marks if you clean spills immediately. Children or sometimes even adults may spill beverages, food, drinks, or any other food on the sofa. Wipe it off with a damp cloth immediately. Else, the place could become sticky and difficult to clean. Or the food could dry up, making it even harder to remove the debris from the sofa surface. When you’re cleaning up spills, never rub. It pushes the stain further into the fabric. Always dab gently to remove the spill. If the upholstery is thick, then you can use a stiff brush to remove the food particles stuck on the fabric. You can also use a gentle cleaning agent, if needed.

Plump the Cushions Every Week

If you have a wood sofa with cushions, then make sure you remove those cushions every week and turn them over. The gaps between the cushions are usually hiding spots for small things, toys, and sometimes even unwanted food. So, remove the cushions and thoroughly shake them before putting them back again. This weekly cleaning can keep your cushioned sofa in good condition for a long time.

Regularly Change Slipcovers

Even if you immediately wipe spills and drops, the stain would have seeped into the cushion cover. So, you should try to regularly wash the slipcovers. The frequency of wash depends on the sofa usage and the number of spills. If possible, invest in another set of cushion slipcovers for your sofa. It not only helps care for your sofa, but also gives a fresh new look to your living room furniture.

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