Tips to Make your Bedroom Cozier

Buy Home Furniture Online in Bangalore - Tips to Make your Bedroom Cozier

Nothing beats the warmth and comfort of snuggling in your bed at the end of the day. Here are some ways you can make your bedroom cozier and so much more inviting that you wouldn’t want to leave:

Choose earthy or subtle tone paint for walls

Very bright or shiny colored walls act as a distraction and do not offer the tranquility that your desire in your bedroom. Paint the walls with subtle shades of earthy tones to get the cozy feeling. IF you want to have a shiny or bright color, couple it with a contrasting subtle shade in the same spectrum.

Add some extra light

While you might like to keep it dark in the night, having a little warm light can help you relax better. Invest in a decorative corner lamp or a small bedside reading lamp. Lamps not only provide the extra light, but also look fantastic even when turned off. Choose from floor resting or wall mount variants to suit your preferences and the space in your room.

Warm up the walls

Not just the colors, accessorizing right can also help make the walls more aesthetically appealing. You can decorate the walls of your bedroom with designer photo frames or paintings. Installing floating shelves can also help you get some extra space along with a fresh appeal.

Add a soft carpet or rug

What would be cozier than a soft velvety feeling when you step out of the bed? Install a good quality carpet to cover the floor area surrounding your bed. Not only does it feel good, a subtle yet appealing carpet or rug adds the plush factor to your bedroom.

Invest in designer bedroom seating

Wondering why you need extra seating in your bedroom? An arm chair or plush lounge chairs can provide the additional comfort to enjoy reading or light conversations with your loved ones. Add a plush looking ottoman to get the perfect lavish and cozy feeling just like the bed.

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