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Perch B
A bold red coloured table with a wooden top – can be used as a bar stool too.Product TypeTeepoy/bar stool
Elegance G
Like a ballet dancer the elegant top is perched daintily on 3 legs with a storage on top.Product TypeTeepoy
  A beautiful triangular piece made of glass and metal to add some elegance to your living roomProduct TypeTeepoy
Like a ballet dancer the elegant top is perched daintily on 3 legsProduct TypeTeepoy
This piece adds sparkle to the living room. Stylish legs support this piece. An invitation for entertainmentProduct TypeTeepoy
Stylish and contemporary this creation is like a ball – room gown , pretty pleats evoke raptures.Product TypeTeepoy
Perch S
Enjoy or drink or snack over the counter sitting on perchProduct TypeTeepoy
A 3 leg table with a marble/glass topProduct TypeTeepoy
Is sleek and crafted stylishly. The slender legs hold glass top and stand on a circular surfaceProduct TypeTeepoy
As the name suggests a beautifully shaped table and legs that will add glamour to your spaceProduct TypeTeepoy
A stylish table made with metal and fancy legs Product TypeTeepoy
A simple table/stool with a marble or glass top Product TypeTeepoy
A very handy white table for different occasions. Arrange a photograph, an idol or a study stoolProduct TypeTeepoy
Black Cocktail
An ideal piece of furniture to place your cocktail - Made of southern pinewood and metal legs. Product TypeTeepoy
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Decorate your Living Room with Accessories

Find an excellent selection of living room accessories online at Suhaus. From edgy contemporary home accessories to elegant accent table accessories, we have a host of furniture pieces for your classy upscale home. A leading online retail outlet based in Bangalore, Suhaus offers unique and customized home furniture and accessories. Our USP is that we completely customize each product according to the specific preferences and requirements of our customers. Before you buy furniture accessories online, you can visit our factory to take a look at how we design and make furniture pieces. From creating the design to choosing the materials and crafting the furniture piece, every step in the process is done according to our customer’s needs and preferences. Want to add extra seating to your living room or set up a home bar in your entertainment room? You can buy innovative and interesting furniture accessories in Bangalore at Suhaus. When you have extra guests, you can simply pull out these bar stools and set them up for your guests to be seated. They also double as accent tables, when required. From traditional 3-leg stools to contemporary triangular stools, we have a plethora of styles and designs to match every type of living room décor.


Contemporary Home Accessories Enhance Your Home Interiors

If you’re looking for accent tables to add style and display space to your living room, check out our selection of living room accessories online at Suhaus. From rectangular glass-topped tables to circular marble tables, we have all types of tables to match your living room space. Designed on simple and elegant lines, our contemporary home accessories enhance your home interiors. When you buy living room accessories online at Suhaus, you don’t just buy the furniture pieces, but also get to enjoy our professional furniture maintenance services. Complete customization, annual services, a wide range of choice – what more do you want when you are purchasing furniture accessories for your living room. We assure you that you will not find such innovative and attractive furniture accessories elsewhere in Bangalore. Don’t believe? Start browsing our web store and you’ll agree with us.