Our Story

“Furniture is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That’s what all this is about, not just what’s in or what’s out.”

Suhaus Designers is founded by 3 dynamic entrepreneurs – Suhas, Anusha and Latha who always had the passion to create great designer sofas and concepts in Bangalore. With a cumulative manufacturing experience of over 100 years they can boost of a team which is definitely hand crafted.

Suhaus realized how consumers were struggling to find a good Sofa manufacturer who could be trusted in terms of quality, design and price. With long delivery schedules and not getting what was committed it was always frustrating for consumers. Also the wide range of pricing always created a doubt in the mind of consumers. Suhaus wants to make designer sofas affordable and not just aspirational.

Suhaus ensures quality in every aspect of your product. It encourages its customer to visit our factory and see how your product is made. Designs produced are certainly unique with an Italian touch.

With beautifully handcrafted well designed sofas, stylish single chairs, contemporary accessories and artifacts to complete your living space you will certainly love our products.

The most unique part being launching new designs regularly to keep our customers as well as ourselves constantly innovating and creating the great experience. Customize our products till your heart’s content.

With annual maintenance provided, buy back features and innovate materials it is hard to resist a product of Suhaus. Our collection of sofas and Single chairs are certainly unique and would make every heart want to own one.

We welcome you to be a part of our journey, a journey that will change the sofa industry and what design actually means. Don’t just dream of our product – OWN IT

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